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“On a foundation of mutual trust our aim is to provide sound financial planning and to help our clients to achieve
their financial goals and safeguard their future financial well-being.”


This Mission Statement has always been at the heart of our Investment Philosophy and
we aim to achieve this through the following practices: 


  • An understanding that achievement of your goals is uppermost and not to endeavour to maximise returns at the expense of sacrificing risk parameters.


  • At outset assessing risk and associated capacity for loss to ensure that your investment strategy falls within your acceptable tolerances.


  • To generally provide globally diversified funds and portfolios which fall within these tolerances. We rarely use funds that do not have at least a 5 year track record.


  • To regularly review both your risk tolerances and your portfolios to ensure that you remain comfortable with your investments at all times.


  • We adopt a long term strategy and outlook and firmly believe that ‘time in the market’ is more successful than ‘timing the market’. Your investments should be held for at least a minimum of 5 years. It is important to ride out any short term fluctuations in values.


  • To provide our advice with an understanding that your investments should always be as tax efficient as possible.


  • To assess the cost of the products and providers that we recommend to ensure that they are competitive within their market although we recognise that cheapest is not always best.


  • To provide our advice to you, both initially and ongoing, cost efficiently and to ensure that we remain competitive in our market.

Shaun Start Financial Planning is now in its third decade of providing sound financial advice.

Whilst we are confident in our approach to investment advice we keep our Investment Philosophy

and in-house practices under regular review.

Shaun Start Financial Planning is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Principal: Shaun Start.

Shaun Start Financial Planning is entered on the FCA register (

under reference 228614.

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